Automotive and auto parts

The region has 10 assembly plants (OEM) and is considered an Automotive HUB.

Investors betting on Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is one of the most recognized states in the automotive industry in the entire country, as it has one of the most important assembly plants, Nissan A1 and A2. It also has relevant supply companies for various international companies.

The following assemblers belong to Aguascalientes


This is a map of the region along with the presence of the brands in each state with their respective number of assembly plants. It can be said that all these brands with the exception of VŪHL (a total of 9), are concentrated in only 3 entities, which are: Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí; enough for a relatively small radius.


Global perspective of the region

The Bajío region is considered the 3rd most important Automotive Cluster in North America.

State data on the industry

Nissan is the 

1 rd

largest exporter of vehicles in Mexico

600000 vehicles

produced in 2019

5000 jobs

(Nissan A1 and A2)

1000 jobs

(COMPAS) generated by OEM's (Assemblers)

1 %

of the entity's manufacturing exports

0 %

of the State Gross Domestic Product (generated by the Automotive and Auto Parts Industry)

0 %

of the total accumulated FDI in the entity from 1999 to the first quarter of 2020

  • Academic Information
  • Talent and certified people
  • Ecosystem of the automotive and auto parts industry
1 higher and technical

education institutions offer careers related to the sector. Some of them have the Dual Model.

Related careers:

12000 enrolled

n engineering (27% of students enrolled in the state higher education system)

1000 graduates

(representing 24% of graduates in the 2018-2019 school year)

Aguascalientes has more than

0 % of the Human Capital

in the Secondary Sector to work in the Automotive Sector.

Average monthly salary

$ 9000 pesos

9,355 pesos for workers and technicians 22,359 pesos for administrative employees)

57000 people

indirectly impacted (family members of workers)

Dual education

Local talent

Research centers

Presence of international companies

Sector ecosystem

Innovation Projects

Relationship with international organizations and major cities

Relationship with international organizations and major cities

Success stories

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