Electronic Components Manufacturing

Aguascalientes ranks 4th nationally in technological development.

Investors betting on Aguascalientes

We are currently facing a transition in the manufacturing industry in general, which is based on moving to a fourth industrial revolution in which Industry 4.0 technologies will come into game and also moving to a new industry of the “mind-facture”, Aguascalientes is not lagging behind and is joining efforts to achieve this transition.

Companies located in Aguascalientes

Principal manufactured products

Principal manufactured products

The main destinations for electronic products

International sales in 2019 amounted to

1 thousand dollars

The level of specialization in the sector is


in a range from 0 to 1

Aguascalientes ranks

0 th

nationally in Production of Electronic Components

  • Academic Information
  • Talent and certified people
  • Electronic manufacturing components industry components
1 institutions

of higher and technical education offer careers related to the sector

Related careers:

2000 students enrolled
0 graduates

in the 2018-2019 school year

Aguascalientes has more than

0 % of the Human Capital

in the Secondary Sector to work in the Electronic Components Manufacturing Sector

Sector Salary Range:

Average monthly salary in 2019 for a total of

$ 10000 pesos

Dual education

Local talent

Research centers

Presence of international companies

Sector ecosystem

Innovation Projects

Relationship with international organizations and major cities

Relationship with international organizations and major cities

Success stories

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