Specialized Healthcare Services

Aguascalientes ranks 4th nationally in the area of medical care and in total coverage, that is, the highest number of physicians per inhabitant.

Investors betting on Aguascalientes

Currently, the health sector in Aguascalientes has the confidence of international investors, since we have all the capabilities to develop the medical, biomedical equipment, pharmaceutical, research and even training of new professionals.  

Companies working in the medical sector in Aguascalientes

Hospitals within the state

Aguascalientes has specialty hospitals and general hospitals. It is worth mentioning that we are characterized for having international services and specialized services for the Japanese community.

  • Star Médica
  • MAC Hospitals
  • Ono Medical Consulting
  • Cardiológica Aguascalientes Hospital
  • Centro Oftalmológico de Aguascalientes
  • Opción Oncológica de Aguascalientes
  • Gastro - Especialidades médicas digestivas

Star Médica

It offers a high quality concept from the hand of a select team of specialists in the area of health, its commitment to the patient is to provide comprehensive wellness, safety, accuracy and confidence with a high human sense.

Principal products and services

MAC Hospitals

A hospital group ready at all times to provide great safety, the best care and excellent service through state-of-the-art equipment and technology, as well as highly qualified health professionals.

Principal products y services

Ono Medical Consulting

Founded in 1994, to meet the growing need for preventive medicine services that the country has experienced. There are numerous examples of diseases that, if detected early, can be relieved, cured or improved with a dramatic impact on health.

Provides specialized medical services for the Japanese community.

Principal products and services

Cardiológica Aguascalientes Hospital

They are the most complete private cardiology center in the country where their main objective is to cover all patient care for the benefit of their health, providing high quality professional medical care in a safe environment.

Principal products and services

Centro Oftalmológico de Aguascalientes

Doctors specialized in eye diseases and surgeries with the most modern equipment for their detection and timely treatment.

Principal products and services

Opción Oncológica de Aguascalientes

Four specialists are making their mark in cancer treatment with this project: they seek to position their oncology unit as the most advanced in the region and as the one with the best multidisciplinary team in one place.

Principal products and services

Gastro. Especialidades médicas digestivas

Unit dedicated to the integral care of digestive health, multidisciplinary team, professionals committed to their work, warmth and academic excellence.

Principal products and services

Centenario Hospital Miguel Hidalgo

Centenario Hospital Miguel Hidalgo is in the ranking “The World’s Best Hospitals 2021”, in 32nd place among the best hospitals in Mexico. 

It is a solid Institution, resolutive in third level health actions, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified human resources.


State data on the health sector

  • Academic Information
  • Talent and certified people
  • Industry ecosystem
11000 students

are currently enrolled in Health Sciences related careers

Related careers:

We have around


hysicians, specialists, nurses and professionals dedicated to the health and pharmaceutical sector in the State

The average age is

0 years old

A high percentage of the active population in this sector is female