Government support programs in Aguascalientes MEXICO

The Aguascalientes Government especially the Economic Development, Science and Technology Secretariat provide support to assist investors set up and run a business in Aguascalientes. The form of assistance available will vary by location, industry, and the nature of the business activity.

Further information on assistance available to businesses through grants, finding and training employees, R&D tax incentives, location, major project facilitation, and for exporting is provided below.

How can we help you

The Economic Development Ministry of Aguascalientes is responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Aguascalientes.

We help international companies establish and build their business in Aguascalientes, Mexico.We understand the challenges of investing. We seek to provide the information required to make good investment decisions and to provide a coordinated approach that saves investors time and money.

This is what we provide:

Initial contact for all investment inquiries and assistance

The Aguascalientes Economic Development Ministry (SEDECYT) is the first point of contact to navigate investment services available in Aguascalientes. Thanks to our talented team we can often provide support and guidance in investors in different languages.

Agenda organization of a pre-visit tour

Area orientation

Ongoing support

Arrival and departure services

Visa & immigration

Information regarding the business and regulatory environment

SEDECYT helps international companies understand how to do business in Aguascalientes MEXICO including:

Identification of suitable investment locations and partners

SEDECYT is capable of identifying partners and locations for international investors through:

Connecting international investors to government programs

To maximize their investment through to Advice on government development programs that may be applicable to your business, including support for skills development, research and innovation activities through our internal departments.

Industrial Development Department

Once you have decided to establish your operations in Aguascalientes and that you are installed and operating here, this will be the are in charge of giving you an aftercare service, for example: